Module No. 3452

Calibrating Altitude Readings

To minimize the difference between locally indicated and measured values, you should update the reference altitude value before setting off on and during treks or any other activities where you take altitude readings. You can find out the altitude at your current location from signs, maps, on the Internet, etc. While mountain climbing, it is highly recommended that you check a map, local altitude indications, or some other source for your current location’s altitude and regularly calibrate watch readings with the latest information.

  • Differences between actual altitude and watch readings can be caused by the factors below.
  • Changes in barometric pressure
  • Changes in temperature caused by variations in barometric pressure and by elevation
  • Though altitude readings can be taken without calibration, doing so may produce readings that are very different from indications by altitude markers, etc.

1.Press (A).

This displays the Altimeter Mode setting screen.


2.Rotate the rotary switch to move the pointer to [CALIBRATION].

3.Press the rotary switch.

4.Rotate the rotary switch to move the pointer to [MANUAL].

  • To return the altitude setting to its initial factory default value, select [OFFSET OFF].

5.Press the rotary switch.

6.Repeat the steps below to input the altitude in your current location.

  • Rotate the rotary switch to change the value or the sign where the underlining is located. To specify a negative value, display the minus (-) sign.
  • Press (D) to move the underlining to another value.
  • To cancel the setting operation, perform the steps below.

Num_circle_1 Press (C).

Num_circle_2 Rotate the rotary switch to select whether or not you want to save the current settings.

[YES]: Current settings saved

[NO]: Current settings not saved

Num_circle_3 Press the rotary switch.

7.Press the rotary switch to exit the setting screen.

  • This completes the calibration operation and returns to the Altimeter Mode setting screen.

8.Press (C) to exit the setting screen.