Module No. 3452

Registering Your Current Location

You can use the procedure below to record your current location in Point Memory. A point recorded in Point Memory can be specified as the destination for future navigation operations.

  • Point Memory can store up to 60 points.

1.While a navigation operation is in progress, hold down the rotary switch for about one second.

After you record your location, the display will momentarily shows its latitude and longitude, and other information. After a few seconds, the message [SET ICON?] will appear.


2.Rotate the rotary switch to select whether or not you want to assign an icon to the point you recorded.

[YES]: Assigns an icon.

[NO]: Cancels icon registration.

3.Press the rotary switch.

  • If you select [NO] (no icon assigned) above, this completes the recording procedure and returns to the navigation screen.

4.Rotate the rotary switch to move the pointer to the icon you want.

  • To cancel icon assignment, perform the steps below.

Num_circle_1 Press (C).

Num_circle_2 Rotate the rotary switch to select whether or not you want to save the current settings.

[YES]: Registers the currently selected icon.

[NO]: Cancels icon registration.

Num_circle_3 Press the rotary switch.

5.Press the rotary switch to exit the setting screen.

This assigns the icon you selected to the point you recorded.