Module No. 3452

Signal Reception Precautions

  • When the watch is unable to adjust its time in accordance with a GPS signal for some reason, average timekeeping accuracy is within ±15 seconds per month.
  • Note that an internal decoding process the watch performs after it receives a GPS signal may cause the time setting to be slightly off (by less than one second).
  • GPS signal reception is not possible under the conditions described below.
  • While the battery indicator is bt_normal_batt_2 or lower
  • In any mode besides the Timekeeping Mode
  • During power saving
  • Sensor measurement operation in progress
  • Watch is connected with a phone
  • Navigation log data acquisition operation in progress
  • Timer countdown operation in progress
  • If the receive operation is successful, the time and day settings will be adjusted automatically in accordance with the Home City (time zone) and summer time settings. Summer time will not be applied correctly in the cases described below.
  • When the summer time start date and time, end date and time, or other rules are changed by authorities
  • When location information is received, but it is not location information for your actual location (For example, when you are near a borderline of a city and the acquired location information is for a neighboring city, etc.)
  • As of July 2017, China does not observe summer time. If China starts to observe summer time in the future, the time displayed by the watch for China may not be correct.