Module No. 5635

Checking the Distance and Bearing to a Location Memory Point (Location Indicator)

The watch acquires current location information from the phone, and then displays the bearing and distance from your current location to the location recorded in Location Memory.

5635_99_COMP Tap the “CASIO WATCHES” icon.

2.wat_s Enter the Timekeeping Mode or Compass Mode.

3.wat_s Hold down (C) for at least two seconds until [INDICATE] starts to flash. Release the button when the second hand moves to [READY].

When a connection is established between the watch and phone and location information acquisition is successful, [INDICATE] will change to [OK], and the second hand will move from [READY] to [CONNECT].

After two seconds the distance from your current location to the recorded location will appear on the display, and the second hand will indicate the bearing to the destination.


When the second hand is within the range between 55 seconds to 05 seconds (indicating that you are within 30 degrees of the bearing to the destination), [dot_ArrowMark] will be displayed as a light figure on a dark background.

[G] is shown on the display when you are within 80 meters of the destination. [G] will disappear from the display if you move to a distance of 161 meters or more from the destination.

4.wat_s Check the display distance and the bearing to your destination on the display.