Module No. 5635

Auto Time Adjustment

The watch will connect with a phone at preset times each day and adjust its time settings.

Using This Function

Your watch adjusts its time setting four times a day according to a preset schedule. If you leave your watch in the Timekeeping Mode, it will perform the adjustment operation automatically as you go about your daily life, without any operation required by you.


Triggering Immediate Time Adjustment

The watch’s time setting will be adjusted automatically whenever you establish a connection between the watch and a phone. Whenever you want to trigger immediate time adjustment, perform the procedure below to connect with a phone.

1.Move the phone close to (within one meter of) the watch.

2.wat_s Press (B).

[TIME] flashes to indicate that the watch has started the connection operation. When a connection is established between the watch and phone, [OK] will appear, time information will be acquired, and then the watch’s time setting will be adjusted.