Module No. 5635

Viewing Saved Data

1.Enter the Altitude Record Recall Mode.

This displays a record of data recorded in the Altimeter Mode.

2.Use (A) and (C) to display the data you want to view.

  • Holding down (A) or (C) scrolls at high speed.

* Each press of a button scrolls to the top screen of the next manually recorded data record. There can be up to 14 records in memory, numbered from 1 ([-01-]) to 14 ([-14-]).

Manually Recorded Data

After displaying the top screen of a manually recorded data record (01 through 14), you can navigate between the record’s data as shown below.

Example: Manually recorded Record 01


Auto Recorded Data

After displaying an auto recorded data record, you can navigate between the record’s data screens as shown below.

High altitude and low altitude

Example: High altitude


Cumulative ascent and cumulative descent

Example: Cumulative ascent