Module No. 5635

Causes of Incorrect Step Count

Any of the conditions below may make proper counting impossible.

  • Walking while wearing slippers, sandals, or other footwear that encourages a shuffling gait
  • Walking on tile, carpeting, snow, or other surface that causes a shuffling gait
  • Irregular walking (in a crowded location, in a line where walking stops and starts at short intervals, etc.)
  • Extremely slow walking or extremely fast running
  • Pushing a shopping cart or baby stroller
  • In a location where there is a lot of vibration, or riding on a bicycle or in a vehicle
  • Frequent movement of the hand or arm (clapping, fanning movement, etc.)
  • Walking while holding hands, walking with a cane or stick, or engaging in any other movement in which your hand and leg movements are not coordinated with each other
  • Normal daily non-walking activities (cleaning, etc.)
  • Wearing the watch on your dominant hand
  • Walking for 10 seconds or less