Module No. 5635

Phone Finder

You can use phone finder to trigger a tone on the phone to make it easy to find. The tone is forced to sound even if the phone is in vibrate mode.

1.wat_s If the watch is connected with a phone, press any button besides (L) to terminate the connection.

  • After the connection is terminated, the watch will return to the mode it was in before connection was established.

Example: After connecting from the Timekeeping Mode


2.wat_s Hold down (B) for at least five seconds until the second hand points to [READY] three times.

The phone will sound a tone when it establishes a connection with the watch.

  • It will take a few seconds before the phone tone sounds.

3.wat_s Press any button besides (L) to stop the tone.

  • You can press any watch button to stop the phone tone only during the first 30 seconds after it starts to sound.