Module No. 5635

Taking a Compass Reading

1.Enter the Compass Mode.

  • Entering the Compass Mode starts compass readings.

2.Keeping the watch level, point 12 o’clock in the direction of your desired objective.

  • The second hand will point North. The digital display will show one of 16 literal direction indications or the bearing angle.
  • You can toggle between literal direction indications and bearing angle display by pressing (D).
  • To retrigger the compass operation, press (C).

Interpreting Bearing Readings


Directions: N (North), E (East), W (West), S (South)

Aligning a Map with Actual Surroundings (Setting a Map)

Setting a map means to align the map so the directions indicated on it are aligned with the actual directions of your location. Once you set a map, you can more easily get a grasp of the relationship between map markings and actual geographic contours. To set a map with this watch, align north on the map with the north indication of the watch. Once you set the map, you can compare your bearing on the map with your surroundings, which will help you determine your current location and destination.

  • Note that map reading skills and experience are required to determine your current location and destination on a map.