Module No. 3482

Button Operation Sound Setting

Use the procedure below to enable or disable the tone that sounds when you press a button.

1.Enter the Timekeeping Mode.

2.Hold down (A) for at least two seconds.

This displays the Timekeeping Mode setting screen.


3.Use (A) and (C) to move the pointer to [BEEP].

4.Press (B).

5.Use (A) and (C) to move the pointer to [OPERATION].

6.Press (B).

7.Use (A) and (C) to move the pointer to [ON] (enabled) or [OFF] (disabled).

8.Press (B) to complete the setting operation.

After the setting operation is complete, [SETTING COMPLETED] will appear for a few seconds, and then the BEEP (sound) setting screen will re-appear.

  • 3452_mute is displayed in the Timekeeping Mode while the operation tone is disabled.

9.Press (D) twice to exit the setting screen.