Module No. 3482



±15 seconds per month average when time adjustment by communication with a phone is not possible.

Basic Functions:

Hour, minute, second, month, day, day of the week

a.m./p.m. (P), 24-hour timekeeping

Full Auto Calendar (2000 to 2099)

Mobile Link:

Function linking by wireless connection with Bluetooth® compatible devices*

* Operation enhanced by Mobile Link

Auto Time Adjustment

Simple time setting

World Time: Current time in 300 cities (38 time zones, auto summer time switching), and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time

Watch settings

Tide Graph: Information on approximately 3,300 global points

Phone finder

Data updating

Updating of time zone and summer time rule information

Training Function

Calculation and display of distance, speed, pace, and other information

Training plan creation

Training function settings

Target alerts

Training log data management

Training log data and lap data management

Training analysis results


Communication Specifications


Frequency band: 2400MHz to 2480MHz

Maximum transmission power: 0 dBm (1 mW)

Communication range: Up to 2 meters (depends on environment)

Tide/Moon, Sunrise/Sunset Functions:

Tide Graph (50 selectable preset points* around the world)

Moon data (Moon age, Moon phase)

Sunrise and sunset times

* Subject to updates by connection between the watch and phone.

Training Function:

Distance, speed, pace, and other information calculated using accelerometer data

Auto/Manual lap

Auto Pause

Target alert (time, calories burned) enable/disable

Training display customization

Training log data:

Up to 100 runs, up to 140 lap records per run

Measured time, distance, pace, calories burned

Step Count:

Step count measurement using a 3-axis accelerometer

Step count display range: 0 to 99,999 steps

Step count reset: Auto reset at midnight each day

Step count accuracy: ±3% (According to vibration testing)


Measuring unit: 1 second

Measuring capacity: 99:59’59” (100 hours)

Split times

Countdown Timer:

Setting unit: 1 second

Measuring unit: 1 second

Maximum setting: 60 minutes

Up to five start times

Auto Repeat

World Time:

Displays current time in 38 cities (38 time zones)* and UTC, Auto DST

* Subject to updates by connection between the watch and a phone.


LED backlight (Auto Light, Super Illuminator, afterglow, 1.5 or 3-second selectable illumination duration)

Screen off function

Operation sound enable/disable


Airplane Mode

4 alarms (with snooze)

Power Supply:

CR2032 x 1 (battery sold separately)

Battery life: Approximately 2 years


Display: 21 hours/day

Step counting: 12 hours/day

Bluetooth Connection Time: 12 hours/day

Notifications (including vibration): 20 times/day

Run Timing: 2 hours/week

Alarm: Once (10 seconds)/day

Illumination: Once (1.5 seconds)/day

Usage conditions may cause actual battery life to be shorter.


  • Battery life is approximately 18 months under the conditions below.
  • Bluetooth Connection Time: 18 hours/day
  • Notifications (including vibration): 50 times/day
  • Run Timing: 4 hours/week
  • Battery life is approximately 12 months under the conditions below.
  • Bluetooth Connection Time: 24 hours/day
  • Notifications (including vibration): 150 times/day
  • Run Timing: 7 hours/week

Specifications are subject to change without notice.