Module No. 3482

Configuring Programmable Timer Settings

  • If a timer countdown operation is in progress, reset the timer to its current start time before performing this operation.

1.Enter the Timer Mode.

2.Hold down (A) for at least two seconds.

This displays the number of timer repeats (1 to 20) setting screen.


3.Use (A) and (C) to specify the number of timer repeats (Auto Repeat).

4.Press (B).

5.Use (A) and (C) to specify the position of the timer in the sequence.

  • To setup the first timer, setup [WORKOUT_1].

6.Press (B).

This causes the cursor to appear at the minutes setting of the first timer.

7.Use (A) and (C) to change the minutes setting.


8.Press (B).

This causes the cursor to move to the seconds setting of the first timer.

9.Use (A) and (C) to change the seconds setting.


10.Press (B).

11.Use (A) and (C) to select whether or not you want to save your current settings.


Saves current settings.


Discards current settings.


Returns to the number of repeats setting.

12.Press (B) to complete the setting operation.

After the setting operation is complete, [SETTING COMPLETED] will appear for a few seconds, and then the Timer Mode screen will re-appear.

13.Repeat steps 2 through 12 as many times as necessary to configure the settings of the other timers.