Module No. 3482


Unpairing the watch from a phone requires both G-SHOCK MOVE and watch operations.

Deleting Pairing Information from G-SHOCK MOVE

1.wat_s If the watch is connected with a phone, enable the watch’s Airplane Mode. Tap the “G-SHOCK MOVE” icon. On the menu bar, tap “More”. Tap “Watch”. Tap “Manage”. Tap the watch you want to unpair. Perform the operation shown on the screen.

Deleting Pairing Information from the Watch

1.wat_s Enter the Timekeeping Mode.

2.wat_s Hold down (A) for at least two seconds.

This displays the Timekeeping Mode setting screen.


3.wat_s Use (A) and (C) to move the pointer to [PAIRING].

4.wat_s Press (B).

5.wat_s Use (A) and (C) to move the pointer to [UNPAIRING].


6.wat_s Press (B).

7.wat_s Use (A) and (C) to select whether or not you want to delete the pairing information.


Deletes pairing information.


Does not delete pairing information.

8.wat_s Press (B).

After pairing information deletion is complete, [DELETE COMPLETED] will appear for a few seconds, and then the Timekeeping Mode setting screen will re-appear.


9.wat_s Press (D) to exit the setting screen.

iPhone Only
Deleting the phone’s pairing information

For details about setting procedures, see your phone documentation.

“Settings” arrowR “Bluetooth” arrowR Cancel the watch’s device registration.