Module No. 3482

Configuring Alarm Settings

1.Enter the Timekeeping Mode.

2.Hold down (A) for at least two seconds.

This displays the Timekeeping Mode setting screen.


3.Use (A) and (C) to move the pointer to [ALARM].

4.Press (B).

5.Use (A) and (C) to move the pointer to the alarm you want to set.


6.Press (B).

7.Use (A) and (C) to select an alarm and snooze function ON/OFF setting.


Disables alarms, disables snooze.


Enables alarms, disables snooze.

[ON (SNZ)]

Enables alarms, enables snooze.

  • The currently selected setting will be indicated by a check mark (icon_3475_Check_ALM) to the left.

8.Press (B).

9.Use (A) and (C) to set the alarm hour.

10.Press (B).

11.Use (A) and (C) to set the alarm minute.

12.Press (B).

13.Use (A) and (C) to select whether or not you want to save your current settings.


Saves current settings.


Discards current settings.


Returns to the alarm setting screen.

14.Press (B) to complete the setting operation.

After the setting operation is complete, [SETTING COMPLETED] will appear for a few seconds, and then the alarm setting selection screen will re-appear.

  • Turning on an alarm causes 3475_inl_icon_ALM_on to appear on the display to the right of the time setting. If snooze is enabled, [SNZ] also appears.

15.Press (D) twice to exit the setting screen.

To stop a sounding alarm

While an alarm sound and/or vibration operation is being performed, press any button to stop it.