Watch Features

This watch is a wearable terminal Powered by Android Wear. In addition to basic Android Wear capabilities to link up with a smartphone running Android 4.3 or above or iOS 8.2 or above, your watch is also designed to provide you with the toughness and performance expected from a piece of outdoor gear.

Five-atmosphere Water Resistance + MIL-STD (United States Department of Defense Military Standard)

Even though this watch has a built-in voice recognition microphone, it still is water resistant up to five atmospheres. This means you can wear your watch while swimming, fishing, etc. MIL-STD-810G standard environment resistance allows you to wear your watch while engaged in a variety of vigorous outdoor activities, including: mountain climbing, cycle sports, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

Dual-layer LCD for Improved Readability

Your watch has both a color LCD and a monochrome LCD. CASIO app operations are designed to use either the color or the monochrome LCD. The monochrome LCD makes display contents easier to read when outdoors under sunlight.

Dedicated Function Buttons

Each press of the TOOL button cycles through compass, altitude, and other outdoor functions, while the APP button accesses a particular app. The functions assigned to the TOOL button and their recall sequence, and the app assigned to the APP button can be specified with an Android smartphone.

Special “CASIO MOMENT SETTER+” App for Even Greater Versatility

Android smartphone users can get the “CASIO MOMENT SETTER+” app from the Google Play Store. This app lets you use your Android smartphone screen to configure detailed display settings and button function settings. A “MOMENT SETTER” function lets you configure the watch to display timely notifications to support your outdoor activities. While mountain climbing, for example, you can have the watch let periodically know how many meters there are to your target altitude based on information picked up by the sensor and current position information.

Linking with an EX-FR100 Camera

Your watch can link with a CASIO EX-FR100 camera so you can control camera operations from the watch.
For details, visit the CASIO website below.