Using the Settings

Settings can be used to adjust touch screen brightness and other settings, to unpair with a smartphone, and perform other operations.

You can use any of the operations below to start up Settings.

  • Hold down the power button for about two seconds to display a list of apps. Next, tap “Settings”.
  • On the Home Screen, swipe downwards from the top. On the screen that appears, swipe from right to left until “Settings” is displayed, and then tap “Settings”.

The table below explains what you can do with Settings.

Adjust brightness

Use this setting to select a value that sets the touch screen brightness.

Change watch face

Use this setting to select the watch face that appears on the Home Screen.

Font size

Use this setting to select one of three system font sizes.


Specifies whether or not watch operations can be performed by rotating the wrist.

Always-on screen

When this setting is turned OFF, the watch face will change from a color screen to a monochrome screen after a period of non-use.


Toggles the Wi-Fi setting between “Automatic” and “OFF”. When Wi-Fi is enabled, you can also configure Wi-Fi settings.


Pairs with and unpairs from a nearby Bluetooth terminal.

Airplane mode

Toggles the Airplane mode between ON and OFF.


Toggles zoomed screen operation between enabled and disabled. When this setting is enabled, tapping the touch screen three times in succession will zoom at the tapped location. Tapping three times in succession again will return the screen to normal size.

Date & time

Specifies whether or not to sync the watch settings with the smartphone’s date, time, and time zone settings.

Screen lock

Use this setting to select “Automatic” or “OFF” for screen lock. When screen lock is enabled, the watch will go to sleep and lock some time after you remove it from your wrist. To unlock the watch after it goes to sleep, you need to draw the unlock pattern you specified when you enabled screen lock.

Lock screen now

This item is available only when “Automatic” is selected for “Screen lock”. Selecting “Lock screen now” immediately puts the watch to sleep.


Configures settings for rights to access each app.

Unpair with phone

Deletes the pairing settings of the currently connected smartphone and restores watch settings to their initial factory defaults.

Power off

Turns off watch power.


Displays the following information about the watch: software version, serial number, regulatory information, etc.