Correcting Barometric Pressure Readings Manually

Though the pressure sensor built into the watch is adjusted at the factory, and normally does not require correction, you can perform the correction operation below if you notice that readings are very different from those from other sources. You will need another accurate barometer to take current readings at your location, which you can input for correction.

1.On the barometric pressure graph screen, swipe the touch screen from right to left.

2.On the barometric pressure input screen that appears, input the current barometric pressure at your location, which was measured by another accurate barometer.

  • Tap the digit of the value that you want to change, and then tap icon_ft_btn_inc_WSDF10 or icon_ft_btn_dec_WSDF10 to change it.

3.After the value is the way you want, swipe the touch screen from left to right to return to the barometric pressure graph screen.