Before Using Altimeter

  • You can configure the watch’s Altimeter to use smartphone position information (GPS) to correct altitude readings automatically. To use auto altitude correction, you need to first perform the following operation (Android smartphone only): Open “Settings”, tap “Location”, use the switch to turn “Location” on, and then choose “High Accuracy” mode.
  • The altitude displayed by your watch is a relative value calculated based on barometric pressure. Because of this, measurements taken at different times at the same location may produce different reading, due to changes in temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and other factors. Also note that values displayed by the watch may be different from elevations indicated for areas where you are located. When using Altimeter while mountain climbing, it is recommended that you regularly correct the watch’s altitude measurement in accordance with the local altitude (elevation) indications.
  • When taking altitude readings, keep the watch at as stable a temperature as possible. For better accuracy, strap the watch to your wrist for some time before taking readings in order to allow the watch’s temperature to stabilize. Changes in pressure sensor temperature can cause measurement error.