Basic Activity App Operations

To start up the Activity app

Hold down the power button for about two seconds to display a list of apps. Next, tap “Activity”.

To switch between activity types

Start up the Activity app and display the START screen (no timing operation in progress). Swipe the touch screen left or right.


To start activity timing

1.Display the START screen of the activity whose timing you want to start.

2.If you display the “Climbing, trekking” START screen, tap “GOAL”. On the screen that appears, input your target altitude and then tap “SET”.

3.To start timing, tap “START”.

  • This displays the timing screen.

To stop activity timing

1.On the timing screen, swipe the touch screen from right to left.

2.Tap “STOP”.

  • This stops measurement and returns to the START screen.

To exit the Activity app

To stop an ongoing timing operation, return to the START screen, and then swipe the touch screen from left to right as many times as necessary to return to the Home Screen (the watch face screen).