Controlling the Watch by Voice Commands

You can use voice commands to the watch to perform operations such as those below.

  • Creating memos, configuring reminder, alarm, and timer settings
  • Checking appointments
  • Responding to mail and SMS messages
  • Checking temperature, sports, movies, and other information
  • Looking up the meanings of words, translating terms
  • Converting between different units and currency units

To start a voice command operation

While the Home Screen is displayed, say “OK Google” while facing the watch. This will display the “Speak now” prompt. Or you could swipe the Home Screen from right to left until “Speak now” is displayed,

You can control the watch with voice commands while “Speak now” is displayed.

Voice Command Supported Languages

Voice commands can be used while any one of the following languages is selected: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, or Portuguese (Brazilian). Some voice actions are not available in all languages and countries.