TOOL Button and TOOL App Settings

Use the procedure below to specify which tools are called up and their call up sequence when the TOOL button is pressed. You can also configure settings that control watch functions. On your Android smartphone, start up CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ app and then tap “Buttons”. Tap “TOOL Button” to display a list of TOOL app functions that can be assigned. Select the check boxes (icon_SmartPuls_checked) next to all of the TOOL app functions you want to assign to the TOOL button.

  • Each time you tap a check box, it toggles between being selected (icon_SmartPuls_checked) and cleared (icon_SmartPuls_unchecked).
  • If you try to enable “My Graph” (icon_SmartPuls_checked) while the “Save daily activity records” setting (see “Registration Details”) is disabled, a message will appear asking if you want to enable “Save daily activity records”. To enable “Save daily activity records” and use My Graph, tap [I agree]. If you do not want to use My Graph, tap [Cancel]. Drag TOOL app functions around the list to create the recall sequence you want.

  • Later, each press of the TOOL button, will recall assigned TOOL app functions in the sequence shown here, starting from the top of the list and progressing down to the bottom. If you want to change the settings of a TOOL app, tap icon_SmartPuls_settings to the right of the applicable function name to display a setting screen.

  • The table below explains TOOL app functions you can change.


Setting item


Compass settings

Select to turn magnetic declination on or off. The compass indicates true north when on, and magnetic north when off.


Altimeter settings

Select to specify whether or not to correct altitude (elevation) using GPS information for your current location.

Tide Graph

Tide Graph point

Select to specify the point (port) whose tide information you want to display.

My Graph

My Graph settings

Select to specify which values to display in the center of My Graph, to input a physical profile (height, weight) for calories burned calculation, and to specify measurement units.

  • To save your settings and exit the setting screen, tap the left arrow (Open Right) on the left side of the screen. After you configure the settings you want, tap Open Right on the left edge of the screen.