Chargeable Battery Handling

Chargeable Battery Handling (Please recycle!)

The built-in lithium-ion battery includes valuable resources. When you are ready to discard your watch, follow proper procedures in order to recycle resources. For information about the proper procedure to follow when discarding the watch, contact an authorized CASIO service center or your original retailer.

Protecting Your Private Information when Discarding the Watch

To ensure that your private information remains private, be sure to initialize the watch with the steps below before discarding the watch.

1.Hold down the power button for about two seconds to display a list of apps.

2.Scroll the screen downwards and then tap “Settings”.

3.Scroll the screen downwards and then tap “Unpair with phone”. On the confirmation screen that appears, tap icon_OK_WSDF10.

  • This restarts the watch. Watch restart following the unpair operation takes some time, so you may need to wait for a while.