Using Sunrise/sunset (When connected with an Android smartphone only)

Shows the sunrise and sunset times and directions for your current location.

Color Display


Time Screen


Azimuth Screen

Sunrise time.

Nautical twilight start time before sunrise.

Sunset time.

Nautical twilight end time after sunset.

Current time.

Arrow indicating north.

Sunrise azimuth and time.

Sunset azimuth and time.

Monochrome Display


Alternates at 10-second intervals between sunrise time and sunset time. dot_RISE_WSDF10 is displayed for the sunrise time, while dot_SET_WSDF10 is displayed for the sunset time.

Current time.

To switch the color display screen

On the time screen, swiping from right to left changes to the azimuth screen. Swiping the azimuth screen from left to right displays the time screen.