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Setting an Alarm Time

Press D to select the alarm screen you want to set.

a. Alarm number

Six alarms can be selected, including the hourly time signal.

Check the alarm you want to set by the alarm number on the screen.

  • to
    Normal alarms.

  • Snooze alarm.
    Alerts at the specified time. Alert repeats every five minutes, seven times.

  • Hourly time signal.
    Alerts at 00 minutes every hour.

    Displaying an alarm screen:

  • Press D to cycle between alarm screens in the following sequence: normal alarms through ), snooze alarm, hourly time signal.
Press A to specify the alarm or hourly time signal operation.

The operations below can be specified for each alarm number.

  • to and
    : Alarm does not sound.
    : Alarm sounds only once at the preset time.
    : Alarm sounds at the preset time each day.
  • : Hourly time signal does not sound.
    : Hourly time signal sounds at 00 minutes every hour.
Hold down C for about two seconds.
[SET Hold] will appear, "hour" will flash.

a. Hour

    Alarm time setting:

  • Each press of B moves the flashing between the "hour" and the "minute" settings.
  • Use D and A to change the setting of the flashing item.
Press C to end setting.
Press B three times to return to the Timekeeping Mode.

Alarm indicators:

Appropriate indicators light when the alarm and/or hourly time signal is set to ON.

Alarm set to ON

a. Alarm indicator

When ON is set for the snooze alarm

a. Alarm indicator
b. Snooze indicator

When ON is set for the hourly time signal

a. Hourly time signal indicator

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