Using the Multi Timepiece App

The Multi Timepiece app provides access to the Multi Timepiece Mode, which makes it possible to display the current time and particular information (battery level, or barometric pressure/altitude, etc.) only on the monochrome LCD. Use the Multi Timepiece Mode to minimize the information that appears on the watch display and save power while sleeping, while in a location where smart device use is prohibited, etc.

Display Styles

There are two display styles in the Multi Timepiece Mode. You can select the display style each time you enter the Multi Timepiece Mode.

Outdoor Style

Current time, barometric pressure, altitude, compass

Daily Style

Current time, day of the week, day, battery level, step count*


* Either the battery level (default) or step count can be displayed. The battery operating time while the step count is displayed is approximately one-fourth that provided when the battery level is displayed.

Multi Timepiece Mode Operations

To do this:

Perform this operation:

Switch the watch to Multi Timepiece Mode


On the app menu, tap “Multi Timepiece”.

  • This displays the “Multi Timepiece” screen.

Tap “Settings” and then configure the settings below as required.

Battery Level/Step Count

While Daily Style is selected, this setting switches the value at the bottom of the display between the battery level and the step count.

Monochrome Display

Selects the Multi Timepiece mode display style.
Bright: Dark characters on a light background.
Dark: Light characters on a dark background.

Backlight Color

Specifies the color of the backlight that illuminates the display when the power button is short-pressed in the Multi Timepiece mode.


Tap “Outdoor Style” or “Daily Style”.


Read the explanation that appears, and then tap “Start”.

  • This shuts down Wear OS by Google, enters Multi Timepiece Mode, and displays the current time on a monochrome screen.

Illuminate the display in Multi Timepiece Mode

Press and immediately release the power button. This will illuminate the display for about two seconds.

Show or hide the compass (Outdoor Style only)

Short-press the TOOL button. Each press toggles the compass between show and hide.

Correct altitude and barometric pressure values (Outdoor Style only)


Hold down the MAP button for about two seconds until the “ALTI” (altitude) value in the lower display starts to flash.

  • This indicates the altitude calibration mode.

Use the MAP button and TOOL button to change the value as desired.


Hold down the MAP button for about two seconds until the “BARO” (barometer) value in the upper display starts to flash.

  • This enters the barometric pressure calibration mode.

Use the MAP button and TOOL button to change the value as desired.


Hold down the MAP button for two seconds.

  • This exits the calibration mode.

Exit Multi Timepiece Mode and restore normal function

Hold down the power button for about two seconds. This starts up Wear OS by Google and returns to normal function.