Using Compass

The pointer indicates true north.*1


The value in the center of the display shows how many degrees there are in a clockwise direction from the north indication (which is 0°) to 12 o’clock on the watch. For example, if 12 o’clock on the watch is facing due east, the value will show 90°. Letters on the display also indicate the direction that 12 o’clock is facing (16 directions).

*1 Initial default setting. For information about how to change settings and have magnetic north indicated, see “Compass Magnetic Declination Calibration”.

To lock the direction

You can use Compass to lock the indicated direction to help you maintain a specific bearing while trekking, etc. While the watch’s 12 o’clock position is pointed in the direction you want, tap the touch screen. If the watch’s 12 o’clock position deviates from the locked direction, the amount of the deviation will be indicated in blue.

To unlock a direction, tap the touch screen again.

Compass Calibration (Magnetization Correction)

The “Perform magnetization correction.” message may appear while you are using Compass. To calibrate the compass, move the watch around as shown in the animation that appears on the watch display. Keep moving your arm until the message disappears, indicating that magnetization correction is complete.