Measurement Functions

Your watch can take barometric pressure, altitude, bearing, and other readings. Its built-in watch faces and applications can use readings for display and other useful functions. Note that this watch is not a special purpose measuring instrument. Readings produced by measurement functions are intended as general reference information only.

Compass (Bearing Measurement)

For serious mountain climbing and other activities that require accurate bearing readings, take along a highly reliable compass to use in combination with the watch’s compass.

Altimeter, Barometer

The watch’s Altimeter uses a pressure sensor to measure barometric pressure, and then calculates and displays relative altitude based on the measured value. Because of this, readings taken at different times at the same location may produce different altitude values due to changes in temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and other factors. Also note that values displayed by the watch may be different from elevations indicated for areas where you are located. When using the watch’s altimeter while mountain climbing, it is recommended that you perform regular correction in accordance with the local altitude (elevation) indications.

Tide Graph (Graphic Display of Tide Information)

The Tide Graph feature of your watch is intended to provide a rough image of current tide conditions. Do not use its tide information for navigation purposes. For navigation purposes, be sure to use official tide charts issued by a reliable agency or authority for the area you are navigating.