Using CASIO Watch Faces

Your watch comes with the CASIO Watch Faces described below built in. Watch face names are used in the list of favorite watch faces and the list of all watch faces (see “Watch Face Operations”).


Analog watch face on which areas you visit are color highlighted on a map.

2 Layers

Digital watch face that combines easy-to-read monochrome LCD and a color LCD. Either of two display styles can be selected: “Daily Style” (day of the week, day, time, battery level, step count) or “Outdoor Style” (time, barometer, altimeter, compass).


Analog watch face that can be linked with Google CalendarTM so the locations of specific scheduled events appear as the background image. A map of your current location is shown if there is no event specified.


Simple analog watch face. In addition to a fixed 24-hour time dial, there are two more dials whose contents can be changed by tapping them.


Analog watch face that shows a map of your current location. The watch will display up to three events saved to Google Calendar. Tapping an event displays a map to its location.


Analog watch face that shows useful information about your travel destination, etc. Each tap of the dial at 10 o’clock changes the information displayed at the bottom of the watch screen.


Casual digital watch face with three dials whose content can be changed by tapping them.


Analog watch face that shows your current latitude and longitude based on the watch’s GPS, along with a background image of a world map centered on your current location.

World Time

Digital watch face that shows the date, time, and city name (time zone name) in your current location, the time offset between your current location and your home city time, and the current date, time, and city name (time zone name) of your home city.

* “Always-on screen” is a Wear OS by Google setting item. For details, visit the website below.

If the message “Perform magnetization correction.” appears...

The “Perform magnetization correction.” notification may appear while you are using a watch face that includes a compass.

To calibrate the compass, tap the notification and then tap icon_SmartPuls_settings. Move the watch around as shown in the animation that appears on the watch display.

If you feel that altitude, barometric pressure, or other readings are not correct...

Perform the operation required to calibrate the readings you feel are incorrect. See “Common Outdoor Function Settings” and perform one or more of the operations below.

To calibrate this:

See the information here:


Barometric Pressure Calibration


Altitude Calibration”, “Correct Altitude Using Location


Compass Calibration”, “Compass Magnetic Declination Calibration

Changing CASIO Watch Face Settings

See “Common Outdoor Function Settings”.