Smart Outdoor Watch

WSD Series

Updating to Android Wear 2.0

Updating to Android Wear 2.0 makes it possible for you to use this watch to its full potential.

Update Details

Update Start Date March 28, 2017 (JST)
Version Number after Update Build Number NXG12P
Size 242MB

Connecting with iOS (iPhone)

  • · A Wi-Fi environment is required.
  • · A Google account is required to use this watch. If you do not have a Google account, use your phone to create one.
  • · iOS does not support the CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ phone app.
  • · Use is supported with iPhone 5 or higher models running iOS 9.0 or higher.

Update Description

Updating this watch from Android Wear 1.x to Android Wear 2.0 changes its operation and functions.

New Android Wear 2.0 Functions and Operations

Refer to Wear OS by Google Help.

CASIO App New Functions and Operations

This update changes the functions and operations of CASIO apps equipped on the WSD-F10.

Main changes are described below.

  • ・In the past, the setting of most watch functions was impossible without using the CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ app (Android only), but this version allows simple settings using the watch alone.
  • ・Enhanced Activity app functions.
  • ・MOMENT SETTER notification settings can be easily configured using the watch alone.

For more information, refer to the User's Guide.

Update Method

A notification will appear on the smart watch display to let you know that an update is available. Perform the update operation direct by the displayed instructions.
The smart watch's battery charge must be 80% or greater in order to perform an update.
Keep the smart watch connected to the charger and paired with the phone until the update operation is complete.

Refer to Wear OS by Google Help.

For the procedure to update CASIO apps that come pre-installed on the watch, refer to “To update a CASIO App to the Latest Version”.

Installing an App

Starting with Android Wear 2.0, apps will no longer be installed automatically on your watch.
For details, refer to“Apps Installed on the Watch” .

To check your current software version

  • 1. Tap the watch display to illuminate it.
  • 2. Swipe the screen from bottom to top.
  • 3. Tap [Settings].
  • 4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and then tap [System].
  • 5. Tap [About].
  • 6. Swipe the screen from bottom to top to display the build number around the center of the screen.