Smart Outdoor Watch


Attention WSD-F20 Series Owners
To use the new watch faces "Journey", you first need to update your CASIO apps to their newest versions.
Also, Casio Apps can be displayed in Korean. For details, refer to "Settings Required to Use CASIO Apps"
Attention WSD-F20 Series Owners
Before using the WSD-F20, be sure to read the Start Up Guide and the "Settings Required to Use CASIO Apps" in and Basic Operation Guide, and prepare the watch for use. Also check the User's Guide (WSD-F20/F20S/F20X/F20SC/F20A/F10) as well.


September 14, 2018
Notice of system update


Startup Guide

First, configure the watch/phone pairing setup to enable use of the watch.

Pairing Setup for the WSD-F20 series / F10

Refer to "Tips Movie" and "Quick Operation Guide (PDF)" for pairing operations.

After finishing the paring setup, go to "Settings Required to Use CASIO Apps".

Refer to "Frequently Asked Questions" for specific operations when you changed your phone.

Basic Operation Guide

Minimum System Requirements

iPhone (iOS) Users: Be sure to read this information

Other Information



Those connecting with iOS (iPhone)

  • ● A Wi-Fi environment is required.
  • ● A Google account is required to use this watch. If you do not have a Google account, use your phone to create one.
  • ● Use is supported with iPhone 5 or higher models running iOS 9.0 or higher.