Smart Outdoor Watch


Android, iOS Function Comparison Chart

Supported Phones


AndroidTM 4.4 or higher (excluding Go Edition)

  • ● Confirm that the smartphone is Bluetooth® capable.
  • ● Confirm that your smartphone is one that supports installation of Wear OS by Google from GooglePlay.
  • ● Download the Wear OS by Google
    from GooglePlay of the country where the WSD-F10/F20 series watch was originally sold. A Wear OS by Google
    downloaded from a source other than the appropriate GooglePlay may not operate properly.
iOS (iPhone)

One of the following models with iOS 9.3 or later: iPhone 5 or later

  • ● Limited functionality when connected to iOS device.
  • ● Wi-Fi environment required for iOS connection.

* Use of Android 4.4 or greater (excluding Go Edition) or iOS 9.3 or greater is recommended. However, a WSD-F10, F20, F20S, or F20X Android 4.3 or higher or iOS9 or higher can also be used.

Is your smartphone Wear OS by Google compatible?

You can see if your Android phone or iPhone is compatible with Wear OS by Google by visiting