Smart Outdoor Watch

WSD Series

Direct questions about app operations to each app developer.

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Apps Installed on the Phone

Wear OS by Google

Download this app to connect your smartwatch with your smartphone.

● Download the Wear OS by Google from Google Play of the country where a WSD-F30 watch, WSD-F20 Series watch, or WSD-F10 watch was originally sold. A Wear OS by Google downloaded from a source other than the appropriate Google Play may not operate properly.

  • Google Play
  • App Store


Full use of the TOOL, ACTIVITY and MOMENT SETTER features is available after installation of the CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ app.

  • Wear OS by Google / Android Wear 2.x Users

    Google Play

    (New Version)

Apps Installed on the Watch

Apps can be installed on the watch from the "Featured Apps" or "Play Store" watch menu item, or from your phone.


  • Google Play
  • App Store

Attention iPhone Owners

• This app cannot be used from a WSD Series watch that is paired with an iPhone. To use this app from a WSD Series watch, pair the watch with an Android smartphone.
• Select "Always Allow" for the location information privacy setting.
• If you select "Only While Using the App", you will not be able to participate in parties.

EXILIM Controller

  • Google Play

G’z EYE Controller

  • Google Play


By ACME AtronOmatic

● MyRadar is not supported in Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, and Singapore.

  • Google Play
  • App Store


By Augmentra

  • Google Play
  • App Store


By Hole19

  • Google Play

Ski Tracks for CASIO

By Core Coders Ltd

● Install this app from the "Featured Apps" or "Play Store" watch menu item.

MySwimPro Swimming Workout Log

By MySwimPro

  • Google Play
  • App Store


By Fishbrain

  • Google Play


By Schvung Ride AB

  • Google Play
  • App Store

Exercise Timer

By NeuronDigital

  • Google Play


By Bikemap GmbH

  • Google Play


By Strava Inc.

  • Google Play
  • App Store

Installing an App

  • Starting with Wear OS by Google / Android Wear 2.x, apps will no longer be installed automatically on your watch.
  • ・To install an app on the watch, select "Featured Apps" on the watch and then perform installation.
  • ・If you are unable to install an app from "Featured Apps", use the procedure below to install it.
  • 1)Install the desired app from your phone's Play Store.
  • 2)In the watch's app list, select "Play Store." Next, swipe the screen from the bottom upwards to display a list of apps on your phone.
  • 3)Select the app you want and then tap [Install] to install it on the watch.
  • ● If the app you want is not shown in "Featured Apps", use the watch's menu to select "Play Store", select the app, and install it.
  • ● If the app is not installed on the phone, it will not appear in the "Play Store" list of the watch.

Refer to Wear OS by Google Help.