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User´s Guide


Inputting Expression and Values

Example: 4 × sin30 × (30 + 10 × 3) = 120 (Angle unit: Deg)

  • 43030103


The memory area used for calculation input can hold 79 "steps". One step is taken up each time you press a number key or arithmetic operator key (, , , ). A or (fx-82MS/fx-85MS/fx-300MS/fx-350MS only) key operation does not take up a step, so inputting (x ), for example, takes up only one step.

You can input up to 79 steps for a single calculation. Whenever you input the 73rd step of any calculation, the cursor changes from "_" to "■" to let you know memory is running low. If you need to input more than 79 steps, you should divide your calculation into two or more parts.

Pressing the key recalls the last result obtained, which you can use in a subsequent calculation. See "Using Memory Functions - Answer Memory" for more information about using the key.

Making Corrections During Input

Use and to move the cursor to the location you want.

Press to delete the number or function at the current cursor position.

Press (INS) to change to an insert cursor . Inputting something while the insert cursor is on the display inserts the input at the insert cursor position.

Pressing (INS), or returns to the normal cursor from the insert cursor.

Example 1: To correct cos60 so it becomes sin60

  • 60

Example 2: To correct the expression 369 × × 2 so it becomes 369 × 2

  • 3692

Example 3: To correct 2.362 so it becomes sin2.362

  • 236
  • (INS)

Clearing all of the calculation you are inputting

Press .

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