Smart Outdoor Watch


System Update

Updating your system will provide you with the latest Android Wear software and improve functionality.

Update Details

Update Start Date WSD-F20 November 3, 2017 (JST)
WSD-F10 November 3, 2017 (JST)
Version Number after Update Build Number NWS2.171019.002
Size WSD-F20 683KB
WSD-F10 677KB

Update Description

Securing Patch Programs
• These periodic updates are designed to enhance security.

Update Method

Updates would occur automatically. Please wait for a while as updates would take some time. Do not shut down while updating; the watch would be unusable.

●The watch should be 80% or more charged for updating. Also, connect watch to the charger and set pairing with smartphones while updating.
●For iPhone users, place the watch under Wi-Fi available environment.
●Updates would occur sequentially. It would take around 1 weeks for furnishing the updates to all watches.
●Visit the site below for information about the update operation procedure.
Wear OS by Google Help