Smart Outdoor Watch


System Update

Updating your system will provide you with the latest Android Wear software and improve functionality.

Update Details

Update Start Date January 18, 2017 (JST)
Version Number after Update Build Number M1D64Y
Size 6MB

Update Description

Securing Patch Programs
• These periodic updates are designed to enhance security.

Update Method

A notification will appear on the smart watch display to let you know that an update is available. Perform the update operation direct by the displayed instructions.
The smart watch's battery charge must be 80% or greater in order to perform an update.
Keep the smart watch connected to the charger and paired with the phone until the update operation is complete.

●Visit the site below for information about the update operation procedure.
Wear OS by Google Help

●Update the CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ smartphone app to the latest version before using the latest Android Wear version.
Visit Google Play Help: "Update downloaded apps"

To check your current software version

  • 1. Tap the smart watch display so it is illuminated.
  • 2. Swipe the screen from top to bottom.
  • 3. Swipe the screen from right to left and then tap "Settings".
  • 4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and then tap "About".
  • 5. Swipe the screen from bottom to top to display the build number around the center of the screen.