Smart Outdoor Watch

WSD Series

EXILIM EX-FR Series Linking Guide

Linking the smartwatch with the Outdoor Recording Gear EX-FR Series makes outdoor activities more enjoyable.

Linking the EX-FR Series makes it possible to shoot snapshots and movies by controlling the camera with the smartwatch.

  • ・If this is the first time you are using the camera, perform the procedure from STEP 1 under "Preparing the Camera.
  • ・If you have already prepared your camera, perform the procedure from STEP 6 under "Shooting Images.

EX-FR Series available for linking

WSD-F30/F20 Series
EX-FR100 (Ver 2.1)
EX-FR100 (Ver 2.5)
EX-FR100 (Ver 3.0)

Pairing an EX-FR Series Camera When the Watch Is Running Wear OS by Google

With Wear OS by Google , you will need to perform the required operation on the watch and install the EXILIM Controller app. On the list of apps, select "Featured Apps", and then select "EXILIM Controller" on the list that appears to install it.

● To ensure correct operation when linked with the watch, make sure that your EX-FR Series camera has the latest firmware version installed. Older version camera firmware can cause problems.

● Linking to this watch will be unavailable when FR100 is updated from ver2.1 to ver2.5.

Preparing the Camera


Turn off the EX-FR Series camera and EX-FR Series controller, and remove the Micro SD card from the EX-FR Series camera.

  • 1Turn off the camera.
  • 2Turn off the controller.
  • 3Remove the Micro SD card.


Hold down the camera shutter button and power button until the LED flashes orange.

  • 1Hold down the shutter button and power button at the same time.
    EX-FR100 Series: About three seconds
    EX-FR200 Series: About seven seconds
  • 2Flashes orange.


After confirming that the EX-FR Series camera LED is flashing orange, select "EXILIM Controller" in the smartwatch's app list to start it up.

  • 1Select "EXILIM Controller" to start it up.


The EX-FR Series and smartwatch pairing operation starts. A short while after "Connecting" appears on the smartwatch display, a pairing confirmation screen appears. Select to complete the pairing operation. Pairing is complete when the image on the camera appears on the smartwatch display.

1"Connecting" display.

2Pairing confirmation screen.

3Pairing complete.


After confirming that pairing is complete, turn off the EX-FR Series camera and then load the Micro SD card into the camera.
You are now ready to start shooting.

  • ● Always be sure to turn off the EX-FR Series camera before loading a Micro SD card.
  • 1Turn off the camera.
  • 2Load the Micro SD card.
  • ● The steps up to this point need to be performed only once. You do not need to perform them each time you record.
  • ● Updating the EX-FR Series or smart watch firmware, and other factors can cause unpairing. If this happens and you are unable to connect, press the EX-FR Series camera's RESET button and then perform the pairing operation again from step 1.

Shooting Images

The steps below explain various methods you can use to shoot snapshots and movies.


After confirming that the EX-FR Series controller is turned off, turn on the camera. Starting up the EXILIM CONTROLLER app on the watch allows you view the camera image on the watch display.
Press the watch's [TOOL] button to shoot a snapshot, or the [APP] button to start movie recording. Press the [APP] button again to stop movie recording.

  • ● The EX-FR200 supports shooting of Dome View images (snapshots and movies) only.
  • 1Shoots a snapshot.
  • 2Starts/stops movie recording.

While the camera's image is displayed, tapping the center of the watch screen will display controls for adjusting zoom and brightness.

  • 1Larger
  • 2Smaller


  • ● EX-FR100 only.
  • 1Brighter
  • 2Darker



While a camera image is displayed, you can swipe the watch touch panel from right to left and then select a recording mode.

Interval Shooting

Tapping this option starts automatic image shooting at a fixed interval.
The shooting interval can be set to 5, 15, or 30 seconds, or one minute or two minutes.

High Speed CS

After tapping this option, compose the image and then press the [TOOL] button. This will shoot a burst of High Speed CS images.


Tap to enter a mode that shoots an image after the subject becomes still. This function comes in handy when recording a posed self-shot outdoors.

Self-timer (5 seconds)

Tapping this option performs a five-second countdown and then shoots an image.

Add a camera

This mode allows connection of a second camera. (Multi Pairing)
After performing steps 1 and 2 above on the second camera, tap this button to pair. This will add a selection button to the screen that can be used to select the second camera.

Viewing Snapshots and Movies

You can use the watch to view snapshot and movie images that were recorded with the EX-FR Series camera.


While the watch's recording screen is displayed, tap the [PLAY] button or swipe the touch panel upwards to display the image playback screen.

  • 1Tap [PLAY] or swipe upwards.

On the play screen, you can delete the file of the displayed image by tapping the trash icon on the left side.


To return to the recording screen from the play screen, tap the [REC] button or swipe the touch screen downwards.

  • 1Tap [REC] or swipe downwards.
  • ● Playing a movie on the watch shows only a ten-second preview. To play more than ten seconds, play the movie using the EX-FR Series controller.
  • ● To view snapshots and movies on a smartphone, establish a connection between the EXILIM Connect app and the EX-FR Series camera as explained in the EX-FR Series camera user documentation.
  • ● After a connection is established with the EXILIM Connect app, turn off the EX-FR Series controller and then start up the EXILIM Controller app. This makes it possible to use the EXILIM Controller app to view snapshots and movies on the smartphone.

Exiting Image Shooting


After you finished using the watch to shoot images, perform one of the operations below to exit EXILIM Controller.

1Press the power button.


2On the image recording screen, swipe from left to right.


3Do no perform any operation for 90 seconds.

  • ● If you leave the camera turned on after you exit EXILIM Controller on the watch, turning on the controller will establish a connection between the camera and controller.
  • ● Note that the above operations will exit EXILIM Controller even if an image recording operation or an Interval Recording operation is in progress. However, the applicable operation continues on the camera. Selecting the EXILIM Controller app from the list of apps will resume the ongoing operation on the watch.