Module No. 5582

Mobile Link Precautions

Legal Precautions

  • This watch complies with or has received approval under the radio laws of various countries and geographical areas. Using this watch in an area where it does not comply with or has not received approval under applicable radio laws may be a criminal offense. For details, visit the CASIO Website.
  • Use of this watch inside of aircraft is restricted under the aviation laws of each country. Be sure to follow the instructions of airline personnel.

Precautions when using Mobile Link

  • When using this watch in combination with a phone, keep the watch and phone close to each other. A range of two meters is recommended as a guideline, but the local environment (walls, furniture, etc.), the structure of a building, and other factors may require a much closer range.
  • This watch can be affected by other devices (electrical devices, audio-visual equipment, office equipment, etc.) In particular, it can be affected by operation of a microwave oven. The watch may not be able to communicate normally with a phone if a microwave oven is operating nearby. Conversely, this watch may cause noise in radio reception and the video image of a TV.
  • Bluetooth of this watch uses the same frequency band (2.4 GHz) as wireless LAN devices, and use of such devices in close proximity of this watch may result in radio interference, slower communication speeds and noise for the watch and the wireless LAN device, or even communication failure.

Stopping Radio Wave Emission by This Watch

The watch is emitting radio waves whenever the second hand is pointing to [R] or BLE_mark.
In addition, the watch also connects phone automatically four times a day to adjust its time setting.

When in a hospital, on an aircraft, or in any other area where the use of radio waves is not allowed, use the operation below to stop radio wave generation.

  • Stopping Radio Wave Generation

Press any button to terminate the Bluetooth connection.

  • Disabling Auto Time Adjustment
    Configure CASIO WATCHES settings to disable time adjustment between the watch and phone.