Module No. 5582

Viewing Stopwatch Data

This section explains how to send lap times (up to 200 records) that are stored in watch memory, as well as other data to your phone for viewing with CASIO WATCHES.

Sending Stopwatch Data to a Phone

Use the procedure below to send data from the watch to a phone. Tap the “CASIO WATCHES” icon.

2.wat_s Hold down (C) for at least 1.5 seconds until [CNCT] starts to flash.

When a connection is established between the watch and phone, [CNCT] will stop flashing and the second hand will move from [R] to BLE_mark.

  • If connection fails for some reason, [ERR] will appear on the display momentarily and then the watch will return to the mode it was in before you started the connection procedure.
5582_fl_BLE_conect Perform the operation shown on the phone screen to transfer data measured by the watch to the phone.

After data transfer is complete, a list of the measurement data will appear on the phone display.

  • Tapping a stopwatch data item displays its details.

Checking a Lap Time

Use CASIO WATCHES to check the data you sent to the phone. Tap the “CASIO WATCHES” icon. Perform the operation shown on the phone screen to view the measurement data you want.