Module No. 5582

Using the Watch in a Medical Facility or Aircraft

Whenever you are in a hospital, on an aircraft, or in any other location where auto signal receive or connection with a phone may cause problems, you can perform the procedure below to disable it. To re-enable auto time adjustment, perform the same operation again.

1.wat_s If the watch is in any mode besides the Timekeeping Mode, hold down (D) for at least two seconds to enter the Timekeeping Mode.

2.wat_s Hold down (A) for about two seconds. Release the button when your currently selected Home City appears on the display.


3.wat_s Press (D) 14 times.

This displays [RCV].


4.wat_s Press (E) to select the auto time adjustment setting you want.

[OFF]: Auto time adjustment disabled.

[ON]: Auto time adjustment enabled.

5.wat_s Press (A) to exit the setting screen.