Module No. 5582

Example: Recording a Race Lap Time

This section explains how to record lap times while watching a race. It also shows how you can view lap times with CASIO WATCHES after the race is over.


Before a race

You can use the CASIO WATCHES phone app to specify a measurement interval distance. Doing so will cause the mode hand to indicate the average time of the lap being timed.

During a race

Measure lap times.

1.wat_s Hold down (D) for at least two seconds.

This will cause the watch to enter the Timekeeping Mode.


2.wat_s Press (D) once.

This will cause the watch to enter the Stopwatch Mode.


3.wat_s Use the operations below to measure lap times.


Pressing (E) at the end of each lap will record each lap time in watch memory.

  • Lap times are recorded in 1/1000-second units during the first hour of an elapsed time measurement session. After one hour, times are recorded in 1/10-second units.

4.wat_s Press (A) to reset the stopwatch time to all zeros.

5.wat_s Hold down (D) for at least two seconds to return to the Timekeeping Mode.

After a race

After the race is finished, you can view the measured lap times with CASIO WATCHES.