Module No. 5531

Specifying a World Time City

Use the procedure in this section to select a World Time city. If you are in an area that observes summer time, you can also enable or disable summer time.

1.Pull out the crown to the first click.

  • You can find out the availability of World Time location information by checking the day of the week hand.
    “P”: Available
    “N”: Not available

2.Rotate the crown to change the World Time City.

The small hour and minute hands will indicate the current time in the World Time city you selected.

  • Pressing (A) will cause the day of the week hand to move to the current summer time setting.
  • “AT (AUTO)”
    The watch switches between standard time and summer time automatically.
  • “STD”
    The watch always indicates standard time.
  • “DST”
    The watch always indicates summer time.

3.Hold down (A) for about one second to change the summer time setting.

  • Each time you hold down (A) for about one second, the summer time setting will cycle to the next available option.

4.Push the crown back in.