Module No. 5531


Accuracy at normal temperature:

±15 seconds per month average when time adjustment by time calibration signal receipt or by communication with a phone is not possible.


Hour, minute, second, day (2000 to 2099 full auto calendar), day of the week

Signal Receive Functions:

GPS signals: Auto Receive, manual receive
Time calibration signal: Auto Receive
Auto transmitter selection (for JJY, MSF/DCF77)
Receivable call signs:
JJY (40kHz/60kHz), BPC (68.5kHz), WWVB (60kHz), MSF (60kHz), DCF77 (77.5kHz)
Last reception result display
Automatic and manual switching between standard time and summer time.

World Time:

Current time in 39 time zones * and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time display, summer time auto switching

* Subject to updated by connection between the watch and a phone.

Mobile Link:

Auto Time Correction

Time setting adjusted automatically at preset time.

Auto Summer Time Switching

Automatic switching between standard time and summer time.

Hand alignment correction

Data Communication Specifications


Frequency Band: 2400MHz-2480MHz

Maximum Transmission: 0 dBm (1 mW)

Communication range: Up to 2 meters (depends on environment)


Measurement unit: 1 second
Measuring capacity: 23:59’59” (24 hours)
Measurement function: Elapsed time


Setting unit: 1 minute
Countdown range: 24 hours
Countdown unit: 1 second


Setting units: Hours, minutes


LED light; auto hand position correction; Power Saving; Low Battery Alert; Airplane Mode (disables data communication)

Power Supply:

Solar panel and one rechargeable battery

Battery operating time: Approximately 6 months


Not exposed to light under the conditions below.
GPS time information receive (approximately 10 seconds): 1 operation/2 days
GPS location information receive (approximately 45 seconds): 1 operation/month
Light: 1 operation/day
Alarm: 1 operation/day

Specifications are subject to change without notice.