Module No. 5531

Auto Time Adjustment

The watch can be set to adjust its time setting automatically each day in accordance with the phone time.

Using Auto Adjust

Your watch adjusts its time setting four times a day according to a preset schedule. It performs the adjustment operation automatically as you go about your daily life, without any operation required by you.


Triggering Immediate Time Adjustment

The watch will synchronize its time setting to that of the phone immediately when they are connected with each other. Whenever you want to adjust the watch’s time setting based on your phone's time, perform the procedure below to connect with a phone.

1.wat_s Hold down (B) for about 0.5 seconds. Release the button as soon as the second hand points to “C”.

When the watch connects with a phone, the second hand will normally move to “Y(YES)” and then the watch’s time setting will synchronize with the phone’s time.

  • After time synchronization is complete, the watch will display the acquired Home City and the day of the week hand will indicate the approximate latitude of your current location. Next, the connection will be terminated.
  • If time synchronization fails for some reason, the second hand will move to “N” (NO).