G-SHOCK+ Ver 1.1 Setup GuideGB-5600AA/AB・GB-6900AA/AB × GALAXY

* An Android OS 4.2.2 is used for explanations in this guide.

Auto Re-connect

A flashing Bluetooth icon on the watch display indicates that it is in the process of automatically re-connecting with the phone.
In the cases described below, the watch will attempt to re-connect automatically every 10 minutes for one hour only. Attempts to re-connect will stop after that.

1.Auto connect following Link Loss

Connection is re-established automatically within about one minute if you move the watch closer to the phone after Link Loss (momentary loss of communication between the watch and phone).

  • Link loss
    in progress
  • Connection

2.Auto connect following Link Loss

If the watch is not moved for more than about one hour while it is linked with the phone, it will enter a Power Saving state (indicated by a flashing PS indicator). Moving the watch again while the phone is nearby will re-establish the connection between them within about one minute. Note that connection will not be re-established automatically if the PS indicator is not flashing on the watch display.

  • Re-connect
    in progress
  • Connection

Manual Reconnect

If there is no Bluetooth icon on the watch display, it means the link between it and the phone is broken.
If this happens, move the watch close to the phone and then perform one of the operations below to re-connect.

To reconnect - 1
Hold down the watch's lower left button for about two seconds.
To reconnect - 2
Tap the [G-SHOCK+] icon to re-start the app.

Hold down the watch's lower left button for about two seconds.
Perform "To reconnect - 2" in the following cases.
  • After changing the phone's Airplane Mode setting
  • After turning the phone's Bluetooth setting on or off
  • After turning the phone off and then back on again.
  • If you cannot re-connect.