G-SHOCK+ Ver 1.1 Setup GuideGB-5600AA/AB・GB-6900AA/AB × GALAXY

* An Android OS 4.2.2 is used for explanations in this guide.


  1. 1 Tap the G-SHOCK+ icon to start up the app.

  2. 2Tap the [Discover G-SHOCK] button.

    *Tap [ Yes], If Bluetooth permission request appears.
    Tap the [Discover G-SHOCK] button to search for Bluetooth enabled G-SHOCK watches in the area. When the message [Scanning for G-SHOCK] appears, enable Bluetooth on your G-SHOCK watch.
  1. 3Hold down the button indicated by the red circle in the nearby photo.

    * Perform the remaining steps within 30 seconds after the above step.
    While your G-SHOCK watch is in the Timekeeping Mode, hold down the button indicated by the red circle in the nearby photo for about two seconds until the Bluetooth indicator appears on the display.
  2. 4When the name of your G-SHOCK watch appears on the phone display, tap the name.

    * Do not touch the app screen until the watch model name (such as CASIO GB-6900A*) appears.

  1. 5Check the pass key number.

    A pass key number will appear on the G-SHOCK display.
    * Numbers are randomly generated.

    * After you tap the watch model name, wait without touching the app screen until the pass key number is displayed.

  2. 6Input the pass key number on the phone and then tap [Pair].

    Input the six-digit passkey number displayed by the watch.
  1. 7The top screen will re-appear when pairing is complete.

When pairing is not successful:

The watch returns to the Timekeeping Mode with the Bluetooth icon not displayed. In this case tap(once or as many times as necessary) in the upper left corner of the phone display to return to the top menu of the G-SHOCK+ app, and then perform the above steps again starting from step 2.

If you are unable to pair the watch with the phone successfully, it may be due to one of the reasons below.

  • The passkey number you input on the phone is wrong.
  • You did not input the passkey number on the phone within 30 seconds after the number appeared on the watch display.
  • Something happened (the phone was moved outside the communication range of the watch, phone power was turned off, etc.) to make communication between the watch and phone impossible before pairing could be completed.