G-SHOCK+ Ver 1.1 Setup GuideGB-5600AA/AB・GB-6900AA/AB × GALAXY

* An Android OS 4.2.2 is used for explanations in this guide.

Top Screen

Screen Prior to Pairing
Screen After Pairing
  1. 1Search for a Bluetooth enabled G-SHOCK.

    (See Pair for details.)
  2. 2Configure general G-SHOCK+ settings.

    (See General for details.)
  3. 3Use Browser to access the Help Site.

  4. 4Use Browser to access the G-SHOCK Site.

  1. 1Shows the currently linked watch.

  2. 2Select to configure Mobile Link settings.

    (See Settings for details.)
  3. 3Select to sound a tone on the linked G-SHOCK.

  4. 4Shows Bluetooth signal strength. Bluetooth signal strength is checked every minute and displayed as a bar graph.
    Example shows strong signal.