G-SHOCK+ Ver 1.1 Setup GuideGB-5600AA/AB・GB-6900AA/AB × GALAXY

* An Android OS 4.2.2 is used for explanations in this guide.

Twitter Alert Settings

  1. 1 Twitter alert

    Turns Twitter alerts on or off.
    ・ON: Alert on
    ・OFF: Alert off
  2. 2 Mentions

    Turns Mentions (@tweets addressed to you or response tweets) on or off.
    ・ON: Alert on
    ・OFF: Alert off
  3. 3 Timeline update

    Turns timeline updates on or off.
    ・ON: Alert on
    ・OFF: Alert off
  4. 4 Interval

    Specifies the interval for checking Twitter alerts.
  5. 5 Add account

    Input the Username or email and Password, and then tap to used [Authorize app] to configure account settings.

* Note that the Twitter app must be installed in order to use these settings.
* The Twitter app has a function that sends various notifications by mail. There may be some duplication of alerts sent to the watch when the Twitter app's notification mail function is enabled while both the G-SHOCK+ mail notification and Twitter notification functions are enabled.