CASIO WATCH+ Ver 1.0 Setup GuideSTB-1000 × iPhone

* An iOS 7.0.4 iPhone is used for explanations in this guide.


Use settings to configure watch settings and others.

  1. 1Phone finder 

    Tap to configure Phone finder settings.
  2. 2Link loss alert 

    Tap to configure Link loss alert settings.
  3. 3Alarm 

    Tap to configure watch’s alarm settings.
  4. 4Timer 

    Tap to configure watch’s timer settings.
  5. 5World time 

    Tap to configure watch’s world time settings.
  6. 6Notifications 

    Tap to specify the notification method for applications that send notifications to the watch.
  7. 7Others 

    Tap to configure watch’s other settings.

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