CASIO WATCH+ Ver 1.0 Setup GuideSTB-1000 × iPhone

* An iOS 7.0.4 iPhone is used for explanations in this guide.

Alarm Settings


  1. The watch's alarm and hourly time signal settings can be configured using CASIO WATCH+. After configuring alarm settings, clicking [Done] will send setting information to the watch. If you want an hourly time signal to sound, turn on the Signal setting and then tap [Done].

    The watch can be configured to sound a tone or vibrate when any one of the alarm times (1 through 5) is reached.
    Only Alarm 5 has a snooze function.

    * Tapping [Done] will send all alarm data (1 through 5) and the hourly time signal on/off data to the watch.

Detailed Alarm Settings

  1. Set the alarm time and then tap [1 Time] or [Daily].
    To turn off an alarm, tap [Off].

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