CASIO WATCH+ Ver 1.0 Setup GuideSTB-1000 × iPhone

* An iOS 7.0.4 iPhone is used for explanations in this guide.

Top Screen

Screen Prior to Pairing
Screen After Pairing
  1. 1Search for a Bluetooth enabled watch.

    (See Pairing for details.)
  2. 2Configure general CASIO WATCH+ settings.

  3. 3Use Safari to access the Help Site.

  1. 1Shows the currently linked watch.

  2. 2Select to configure App Control settings.

  3. 3Use App Control to select the item you want.

  4. 4Select to configure watch settings.

  5. 5Sound a tone on the linked watch.

  6. 6Shows Bluetooth signal strength. Bluetooth signal strength is checked every minute and displayed as a bar graph.
    Example shows strong signal.

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